Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spending Time Cleaning Up Clutter-What a job that is

Here I am on a Thursday, July 17th at 6:00 o'clock. Whew, am I tired. I made the mistake of trying forwarding a great email (musical I received) to some of my kit and kin and low and behold my computer decided to pull the paper through wrong and I had to spend an hour trying to get it reconnected again after the printout got stuck. What a pain that was because I yanked the stuck paper out rather than pulling it gently as they suggest. So beware if your paper gets stuck going through the print,er, just handle it gently, as they suggest.

Things are quiet here for the moment. Just Lou and I and of course, Gracie and Kate. our forever wanting something pets. Gracie, the Yorkie, is sweet but impatient when she wants something and I don't guess what that is right away and then Kate who has been de-barked as a youngster but wants to have hands on all the time. What a pair but we will keep them I guess. Judy, our daughter, gave one of the kittens to her dad for father's day because the mother cat had died. That lasted about a week because this little kitten was adorable but was a jumper and climber and Gracie would look at me to control her before she broke something. If dogs could only talk. Nevertheless, we finally decided "B B" would return to the barn and we would check on her every day rather than board her all the time. I did get attached to her though but since we have such a small apartment, we figured it wouldn't be advisable to keep her every day and night. Oh well, perhaps we might give Kate back to Judy and let Gracie go over to visit Kate and "B B" could spend time with us during the day.

Enough of this chatter. Hope the week brings each of you a blessing. Until another day, SO LONG. jeanne and lou

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