Thursday, July 10, 2008

Before and After and In Between

A rather calm day at 173 Scenic Ridge Drive. Coke Marshall has been here a couple of days and is taking off shortly. We always enjoy his visits and pray that he arrives back in Dallas safe and sound. Billy Joe and Angie are in an out. Angie is giving swimming lessons to the small children around this area and it seems like they really enjoy her teaching. She has done it forever it seems since she taught at Ridglea Country Club way back when she was still in Arlington Heights. Billy Joe is a Ranger fan and plans a trip to Baltimore for his summer trip when they play there. I hope the team starts to win more like today for instance.

We still have our driver who takes us wherever we want to go on Mondays. If any of you have a free Monday let us know and who knows we might pop in at your invitation of course.

Our daily reoutine is viewing all the animals in our back yard and especially seeing the horses that Judy grooms and grooms. They get more treatment than I ever gave her but then that is what she enjoys so why not. She is always encouraging me to get on "Little Joe" and take him out for exercise. Now can you just see that. I probably couldn't climb up in the saddle but I do enjoy her ridng the three that she has in the corral. Of course, I have to go out and see our little BB(busybody) kitten that we had to take back to be with the other kittens in the barn. Gracie is missing that little busybody but it is a little less hectic without all those critters showing off.

Have a nice week and stay in the air conditioning. Love, Lou and Jeanne

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