Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot One Today(at least here in Parker County)

News time just as I had this urge to post on my blog. Oh well, I will make this one short. Now aren't you glad. Our little Kitten "B B" came a calling today. We visited the barn today to check if the horses had enough water and while out there I couldn't find our kitty B B. After checking all around and up and down I decided she was missing. A fear we have out here since some strange critters sneak around after dark. But after calling and looking around outside, there she strolled up just at peace with the world. When finished with the duty of checking the horses and seeing they had plenty of water, I decided it was time to have a little private time with B B and so I picked her up and placed her in my stroller (new) with a nice basket and a lid and in she went and we went strolling. She didn't mind a bit and low and behold we just arrived at our door and strolled right in. Of course Kate, and Gracie nearly had a heart attach but after rubbing noses when she hopped out of my basket they decided it was going to be all right as long as she didn't started jumping around snatching things. Thank goodness, I guess she was so thrilled to get inside this cool place that she found her niche and slept nearly the entire time she was here which was several hours. She didn't act like she had been gone at all and believe it are not, B B was a sweet little kitty so Gracie decided she would take a nap herself. She was on one end of the sofa, Kate in the middle and B B at the other end and all slept peacefully for several hours until the yard man started mowing and the noise disturbed Kate and Gracie but not B B. She just slept all afternoon as peacefully as anything. Alas, I decided I had better take her back to her friends in the barn and so in the basket she went and we strolled back to the barn. There she was met by her sister kitty and we decided she would have a good time there so we strolled slowly back to our house. I didn't even look back once or I would have turned around and snatched up again. No, No! That would never do. Two dogs and a cat need a little time apart.

Bye Bye everyone until the mood strikes again and I will visit once again. Hope all is well and everyone has had a great day. JJJ and Lou

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