Thursday, July 31, 2008

Failed Once Again Boo Hoo!

I spent all this valuable time I have posting another blog and it didn't work. Tried to locate why and no results so will try again.

Sorry, to say but I have neglected my and I will try to be more deligent from now on. It is in the 100's today here in Parker County. Lydia, our cleaning lady, came today and I took that opportunity to go to Judy's music room with Kate, the maltese, and Gracie, our Yorkie to read, sew a little and doze some too. They both are happy to be included. Gracie climbs up on back of my chair and Kate sits beside me. It is nice to know that I will have a nice clean apartment when I go back to my other life. There is a beautiful view out the window from the music room and the butterflies are beautiful flying around and. of course, the birds are plentiful also. Our grand daughter, Angie, will be here with us for the next few days as Mike and Judy are taking a short vacation to Cabo, New Mexico. She says she will transport us anywhere we want to go so we probably will visit Mariann. Angie will be returning to her kdg. teaching position in Black Mountain, North Carolina and Mariann will return to Mound Elementary in Burleson. They will enjoy having lunch and discussing the coming year.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and stay cool. Summertime has gone so quickly but since we are one of the retirees, we don't have to worry about time do we? That is a plus. I am going to post this now and hope I don't lose this one. I just need a little more instruction from Angie who sit this up for me to keep me occupied she said. Here goes. Have a good day and answer my Lou and Jeanne

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