Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Here I am again. Just finish another blog but made some typographical errors and didn't want to send it until corrected but alas I don't know how to correct spelling as yet. Help teacher Angie. She is in the swimming pool so will have to wait for now. Louis is asleep and the cats are asleep curled up in my recliner. Gracie is visiting over at Kate's house (She wanted to have some quiet time) So this will be a short one one. I have some snapshots on our new camera that Judy has taken but I don't know how to work it yet. Hope the day is a good one for all of you. Mariann, Matthew, and Robert have gone to Padre for a short trip. She has been relieved of her chem until July 7th on her birthday. I hope it isn't too tiring for her but she loves to go down there. It is so hot here but thank goodness for air conditioning.

So long for now. I will publish this just to see if you get it. Love jjj (the blog) Ha!

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WhimsyDeb said...


You are an amazing woman! You are so gifted in all that you do.