Friday, July 4, 2008

Big Day Today-Fourth of July

Here I am once again. I think I have the hang of it now I hope. If you wish to be on my list, just advise or if not I will honor your wish. Just a way my family says to keep me entertained and to express my hopes, dreams or disappointments. They say it works. We shall see. The day is sunny and bright and a lot of activity here at our back door. Our driver, Mary Jane, and husband is paying us a visit at 1:00. He is a great organizer of kitchen and homes and he is coming out to give me some good advise for our small storage place.

My life is occupied with animal sitting I do believe. First the Maltese, Kate, wants me to constantly pet her and have her beside me in my chair and then the new kitten, DD, or as Louis has named her BB, busybody, wants me to hold her when she gets sleepy and she cuddles on my lap. Gracie gets jealous and she hops up on the back of my recliner and sleeps until someone passes by the door or is swimming and then she is going to get them out of there. That is her territory. So you can see, I get to do what I like to do best (read) in the little free time I have. Woe is me. I'm so mistreated. Ha! I love them all and can't stand to give them away but they all want their time exclusively.

By for now and hope everyone has a happy 4th. jjj

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WhimsyDeb said...


Sounds like you are really loved by all your animal friends!