Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year Beginning-with joy, hope and faith

Hello to all my blog friends. I surely hope we can keep in touch in the New Year. Wishing all a Happy, Happy New Year with good health, hope and joy. We all are deserving don't you agree?

We have been blessed with good friends, new friends and more to come I hope. Our holidays were spent much too quickly but enjoyable with family at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Too much food but will make a new year resolution that it is cut back time especially on deserts. Yum, Yum. Although the time went too quickly, the weather cooperated to a great extent and yesterday being in the 80's surprised us all. Today was a bit chilly but the sun was shining so it was a great day to quietly stay home and read a bit.

My new year resolution is to write, write, write and publish some of my writings of the last 10 years. That may be a bit ambitious but with some good advise and help from my other creative friends I will pursue this goal. Guess I had better bring this to a close for now but may you all have a great year, good health and keep in touch via blogs, telephone and visits. How about that!

So long for now. Jeanne and Lou

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