Sunday, September 14, 2008

This can't be fun!

Here I am sitting at my computer trying to write my blog so I can make someone's day. Ha! I have been negligent and will do better (much better) in the future because I almost couldn't remember how to sign. Oh me~ must be my 60th anniversary and the 84 years. I don't know why my last two didn't go through. They were really clever. Give me some feedback will ya!

This week has been both great and not so great, meaning having been married to the same guy for 60 years is really frightening in this day and time. However, we received many congratuations in various ways even from Sandy Guerra Cline who wrote our article in the Star Telegram. I'm sure Judy put a bug in her ear about this occasion. She is a sneaky kid although I coulnd't get her to admit it. How nice to have that opportunity. The next best thing is hearing from all of you with calls and such. Thank you! On to the future I always say or some silly thing.

Give me some feedback if all of you receive this and I may just surprise you and write another soon. Love, Lou and Jeanne (Notice I put his name first) Isn't that nice of me.

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jbgranbury said...

What is your first name? Juanita, Jeannie, Anut Jeannie, Grammy or Potsie